The Lizard

Written at Thursday Group, after a guided meditation in which we were invited to imagine finding a gift under the water, and then transforming into a flower. My friends told me there was a gift under the water and I imagined something of earthly value—a rare coin, a beautiful ruby or emerald, or maybe one of … Continue reading The Lizard


Celebrating the Rain

We’re celebrating a rare and wonderful rainy day here in parched Northern California—complete with deliciously heavy downpours, lentil-sized hail, lightning and big time thunder. I was blessed this afternoon to get home before the big show started, but here’s a journal piece I wrote after driving home in a powerful rain last fall—back when we … Continue reading Celebrating the Rain

Easter Musings 2015

For thirty-something years I had the privilege of working with children who have severe disabilities. Often when I was out in the community with my students, strangers would approach me and say, “You must be so patient.” Yeah, sure, but probably no more than any other teacher. Other times folks would tell me I was … Continue reading Easter Musings 2015