Praise Poem

I want to wish everyone a peaceful Holy Week, and a Blessed Easter.  I wrote this poem a few months ago.  I’d seen another praise poem, written like this, designed so the reader would read the first column from top to bottom, and then come back up and read the second column.  I thought it would be cool if the poem could be read both ways:  the column on the left, then the column on the right; OR straight across, line one from the left column, then line one from the right column, and on down.  So I designed this poem to work either way.  I hope it touches your heart.


All praise Divine Energy                                           As above so below

Blue water reflects sky                                             As within so without

Lover’s eye reflects Beloved face                           As affirmed so formed

Love begets love                                                        Abundance begets abundance

Root garden                                                               Yam bean squash corn

Flowers and fruit                                                      poppy nasturtium peach plum

Miracle of seeds                                                        Towhee phoebe junco finch

Allure of nectar                                                         Humming bird honey bee

God of momentum                                                    Water and wind

Goddess of earth                                                       Fire and dirt

If God has a purpose                                                 If Energy has a flow

It is self-revelation                                                    It is welcoming creation

Know me                                                                    In your heart


Photo by Sergey Schmidt on Unsplash





5 thoughts on “Praise Poem

  1. Oh Nancy – this is the best. I can’t decide which way like reading it the best. I think across.
    BUT what is Towhee phoebe junco finch? I know finch – are these all birds? Thanks

    1. Yes, these are all birds that show up in my backyard!! Phoebes are look like little hot fudge sundaes, with black heads and backs and white chests. Towhees have feathers that are black and white and caramel colors and they remind me of that Sees candy with the caramel and marshmallow covered with dark chocolate. Juncos, to their credit, do not remind me of candy, but they are cute just the same. LOL!

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