The Lizard

Written at Thursday Group, after a guided meditation in which we were invited to imagine finding a gift under the water, and then transforming into a flower. My friends told me there was a gift under the water and I imagined something of earthly value—a rare coin, a beautiful ruby or emerald, or maybe one of … Continue reading The Lizard


Please Don’t Do This

I've been watching and listening to the talk on TV, radio and social media, and I felt compelled to write this.  Please share if you agree.  If you don't agree, you have my thoughts and prayers. I want to live in a world where everyone feels so safe that we have no need of guns … Continue reading Please Don’t Do This

Tearing Down A Wall

Susan was charmed when her three-year-old son asked for a baby doll.  Drew had a variety of action figures and plush animals, but now he wanted a baby to feed because Mommy had a new baby to feed.  Susan asked Matt to buy something simple (code for cheap), something durable, something sweet.  But Matt came … Continue reading Tearing Down A Wall

Happy St. Brigid’s Feast Day!

Fifty-something years ago in a Catholic school not so far away, the nuns used to read to us from The Lives of the Saints.  St. Brigid was always my favorite, but not because she lived in my matrilineal ancestral home of Ireland.  No, she was my favorite because she had the best stories. Celtic history … Continue reading Happy St. Brigid’s Feast Day!

Blessings in Disguise

Wallowing in post-holiday exhaustion/annoyance/envy/loneliness yet paradoxically grateful to have some alone time, then BAM!--stunned by the unexpected yet unsurprising news that a good friend has died, and suddenly I am so damn sick of being accepting.   I think, who came up with this business where people routinely die, just disappear--the roles they played go … Continue reading Blessings in Disguise