A stranger came to my door

This is a piece of Flash Fiction that I wrote with my Thursday night group with a list of prompts too long to copy here.  This is NOT a fictionalized account of the day a homeless man came to my door and I let him in and he stayed until I'd written a 700 page … Continue reading A stranger came to my door


Green Beard

Written with my Thursday night group Prompts:  none of us do, he had a beard twice as long, once you know that, possible flaw, remember the accident, so many lies, something wrong with his eyes She called him Green Beard, and once you know that it tells you all you need to know.  Sometimes she’d … Continue reading Green Beard

Tearing Down A Wall

Susan was charmed when her three-year-old son asked for a baby doll.  Drew had a variety of action figures and plush animals, but now he wanted a baby to feed because Mommy had a new baby to feed.  Susan asked Matt to buy something simple (code for cheap), something durable, something sweet.  But Matt came … Continue reading Tearing Down A Wall