His True Name

I got very busy with the actual (as opposed to the virtual) world last week and missed a post.  So here are three stories to make up for it.  Or maybe it's only one story.  You be the judge.  Written with my Thursday night writing group.  Very elaborate prompts including:  He had known better, OR, … Continue reading His True Name


Greetings Blogosphere!

I have not been the most consistent blogger in the world. If there’s anyone out there paying attention this is not such a big surprise. My last post was over a year ago. In that episode, I announced that my poor old sweet-faced kitty Angel was dying of cancer. I got all philosophical and weepy … Continue reading Greetings Blogosphere!

Letting Go Of Normal

 Last week my 13-year-old cat, Angel, was diagnosed with cancer.  Her veterinarian/acupuncturist told me the tumors had spread, there was nothing that could be done, and that I had the option of euthanizing her that day.  I said no:  Angel didn’t seem to be in any pain, she was still running around the yard, leaping … Continue reading Letting Go Of Normal