The PTA Meeting

I was a little reluctant to share this one because I like to think of myself as a pacifist.  Please know that I wrote this in the spirit of--oh, what the heck--I wrote it just for fun!  Enjoy! Written with my Thursday Night Group with the prompts:   three drops of blood, a cozy place, bad … Continue reading The PTA Meeting


Please Don’t Do This

I've been watching and listening to the talk on TV, radio and social media, and I felt compelled to write this.  Please share if you agree.  If you don't agree, you have my thoughts and prayers. I want to live in a world where everyone feels so safe that we have no need of guns … Continue reading Please Don’t Do This

Easter Musings 2015

For thirty-something years I had the privilege of working with children who have severe disabilities. Often when I was out in the community with my students, strangers would approach me and say, “You must be so patient.” Yeah, sure, but probably no more than any other teacher. Other times folks would tell me I was … Continue reading Easter Musings 2015

A Prayer for These Times

The parable of the Good Samaritan is one of the most beloved stories from the New Testament—not just among Christians, but throughout our western culture.  In a nutshell: a man traveling on a public road is attacked by robbers.  His belongings are stolen, he is beaten and left for dead.  Members of his own ethnicity … Continue reading A Prayer for These Times

Let’s Do Away With Schools

Years ago, when Sacramento native Dusty Baker was manager of the San Francisco Giants he used to dress up his 3-year-old son Darren in a miniature Giants uniform and let him hang out with the team in the dug-out during the games.  The announcers would fall all over themselves blabbing about how cute the kid … Continue reading Let’s Do Away With Schools

A Spiritual Master and a Scribe Walk into a Fast Food Restaurant

A few days ago I was in a well-known fast food restaurant chain with my friend Craig.  I won’t say which chain it was in order to protect the confidentiality of the young man working there.  I’ll call him Ryan.  Craig and his friend Lee come to this particular restaurant at least once a week … Continue reading A Spiritual Master and a Scribe Walk into a Fast Food Restaurant

Poverty and Our Public Schools

  I chose to make my career in public education and I have become a fierce defender of it as a democratic institution.  I worked as a special educator with children who have severe disabilities for over thirty years.  Federal law guarantees all children a free, appropriate, public education in the least restrictive environment.  FAPE … Continue reading Poverty and Our Public Schools

Crown in Heaven

When I was teaching special education classes I often took my students out to grocery stores, fast food restaurants or shopping malls to teach them how to behave in community settings.  We’d practice making purchases, placing orders, asking for directions.  Quite often we’d be approached by friendly strangers, who would praise the kids for their … Continue reading Crown in Heaven