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Let’s celebrate the upcoming publication of Harper Lee’s novel Go Set a Watchman by reading (or re-reading) her only other published novel, the incomparable To Kill a Mockingbird. I’m hosting a discussion group right here on my website! For details click on the Mockingbird link above. It will take you to a special page devoted to one of my favorite books of all time.

ps–if you don’t have the time or the desire to read (or re-read) the book, go ahead and rent the movie. You won’t regret it!

3 thoughts on “Join the Discussion!

  1. I rented the movie myself recently. Couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to see it for the first time before I knew what was going to happen. The scene near the end with Scout dressed as a ham is so suspenseful! Plus the story is more topical than we’d like to remember.

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