Becoming A Novelist (featuring a salute to Nanowrimo)

I took a leave of absence from my teaching gig to write my first novel.  At the time I was burnt out on teaching, but at least when I was teaching I knew what I was doing.  I didn’t know how to write a novel, but I started writing anyway.  It took about five months … Continue reading Becoming A Novelist (featuring a salute to Nanowrimo)

The Next Big Thing

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED APRIL 26, 2013 Thanks to my friend June Gillam for “tagging” me to promote The Next Big Thing!  In June’s latest blog post she wrote about her upcoming thriller, House of Dads. Now it’s my turn to tell you all about my novel. What is the title of your book? Welcome Stranger … Continue reading The Next Big Thing

Easter Musings

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED MARCH 28, 2013 Earlier this week I read over the first draft of my latest novel that I wrote during National Novel Writing Month this past November.  I had completely forgotten that I had created a character who was a former priest from Argentina.  For random reasons during the slap dash of the … Continue reading Easter Musings