While Strawberries Are Still Green

Written with my Thursday night group with the prompts:  the green ones are strawberries, yearning, simplified, summer, breasts, at my worst, wearing his BAM gear, so luxurious, top ten reasons, shared experiences, two changed their minds, preppers, empty nesters, I asked for a kiss she gave me a___, solar flares He came to my door … Continue reading While Strawberries Are Still Green

Too Late

I wrote this--as I often do--with my Thursday night writing group. Prompts included: I have waited too long, ferocious food, what was the house like, Agnes and her pike, why wouldn't I want an Italian cavalry sword, diagnosis, immediately largest (which I changed to largess). Another challenge was to weave a color throughout the piece--and … Continue reading Too Late

Something Burning

Written with my Thursday group with the prompts:  diner waitress, burning, haphazard groups, in David’s mind We live in a land where the autumn is brown and orange.  The leaves don’t fall from the trees anymore.  They hang on, wilting, defying wind and season and temperament of the sun. The children never learn the color blue. Everything … Continue reading Something Burning