Written with my Thursday night group with the prompts:  close to my heart, just like that, expert in the matter, what is different today?, surprising new discovery, no variety, just different sandwiches, one time only creation, path of least resistance, pay the price for peace, one inch at a time, special powers, formula, integrity, gate … Continue reading Sandwiches

One At A Time

Written with my Thursday night group with he prompts:  Howard Johnson’s, she liked it because she didn’t have to tell them her name, the toothache wouldn’t go away, but you knew that, be here, it was unusual and delightful, finally figured it out, bursting pomegranate, give me a little sugar, just shut up, are you … Continue reading One At A Time

Monday’s Cafe

I wrote this with my Thursday night group with the prompts:  how?, good for them, but what do you really want, Monday is for ones, be happy and smile, find love, she enjoyed the solitude, lunch friends, fellow misfits, Jimmy and Ted “Good for them,” Celeste said when she heard about Mark and Marie’s engagement.  She injected … Continue reading Monday’s Cafe