Regret at Midday

Written with my Thursday night group with the prompts:  who grew up this way; in summer they are golden-colored; he didn’t say anything, he just took her shoes; I like my body when it is with your body; simply enjoy; now she is in love; fuzzy coffee; you ate my joy; it will never work

Note: my Mother always said that the naturally occurring bubbles or foam on top of a cup of coffee represented money or wishes. Don’t drink it down, spoon them into your mouth to reap the benefits!!

In the morning the Fairy Godmother brought Cinderella a fuzzy cup of coffee, sprinkled with dandelion fluff and clouds of money.  “Make a wish,” she said, and Cindi couldn’t help it.  She thought of her prince, so feckless and faithless, yet so good looking.  Was she in love?  Is this what it felt like?

“Who grows up this way?” she asked, and the wise woman sighed.  “We all do, don’t we?  Conditioned to long for things that are pretty and shiny, things that don’t make us happy.”

The prince hadn’t said anything when he left, he’d just taken her shoes.  Cindi knew he was fascinated by her signature glass slippers, but she hadn’t realized he planned to monetize them.  He mass produced them, made a killing selling them online, finally left on a world wide marketing tour.  

“Sometimes,” FG counseled, “it’s okay to simply enjoy.  You like your body when it’s with his body.  That’s okay.  But will it last forever?  You don’t know.”  

Cindi shook her head.  “I should have realized.  The signs were there.”  She leaned closer to her godmother.  “His eyes are dark green in spring, but in summer they’re golden.”  She threw up her hands.  “He can’t even commit to one eye color!”

The two women nodded, considering this revelation.

“Someday,” FG predicted, “he may return and his eyes will be nut brown.  Then he will be ready.”

“No,” Cindi lamented.  “It will never work.  He ate my joy for breakfast!”

“Slow down,” FG told her, “or you may eat regret at midday.”

Cindi stared at her coffee.  “I don’t know what to wish for.”

“Wish for clarity, then,” FG advised.  “Step back and rest.  Allow the wish to evolve.”  

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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