Cat Naps and Rock Candy

Written with the prompts:  take a cat nap, some of the rocks, anger, majestic benevolence, grand rising, I got the real story a few days later

I like to take a cat nap mid-afternoon and I won’t apologize for that.  When I took up with Harold, he used to tease me about it, told me adults don’t need naps, only babies and toddlers need naps.  I should have sent him on his way right then and there, but I was such a good-girl-people-pleaser, just-wanted-to-be-liked-type of gal back then.  Well, what can I say?  I learned my lesson, and I guess if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be here now.

One summer day, Harold snuck into my apartment when he knew I was napping, Harold did, and he replaced some—not all, but some—of my rock collection with crystalized sugar rock candy.  I guess he thought that was funny.  He had a warped sense of humor.  He took my favorite quartz pieces, he did, and left me with some kind of grand rising rock candy mountain.

I never did get the real story as to why or when or how, but Harold claimed he didn’t think I would notice.  Well, I did notice—you know, when the ants showed up, swarming around what I thought was my favorite geode. After that came the raccoons, with their thin pink tongues, and next came a long-nosed ant eater!  It was a riot in my living room, spilling into my kitchen, and out onto the deck, when thank God, Coyote showed up!  Lord knows we needed a predator to chase the others away.  What happened next, but old Harold arrived, eager to gauge my reaction with a magnanimous display of majestic benevolence.  So Coyote and I pelted him with what remained of my rock collection, and Harold had the gall to get angry.  Well, Coyote pointed out that Harold was a bully anyway, and I was well rid of him.  Coyote and I became vegans and moved to the desert.  We make sand candles and sugared chili peppers, and sell them to passing motorists.  It’s a good life.

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Photo by Simon Ray on Unsplash

One thought on “Cat Naps and Rock Candy

  1. From where does this imagination come. Vegan coyotes making sugared chili peppers. Sugar and chilies – two things I like. We have all had some Harolds in our life who messed things up. Maybe we just need a coyote or two for support.

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