Don’t Eat the Moon

This poem continues my theme of December oranges, but also serves as a holiday warning: don’t let this season try your patience and drive you to exhaustion! Remember, the smartest thing to do on the longest night of the year is sleep.

If I can pluck the moon
from the sky 
I may find 
it’s no bigger 
than an orange.
I can hold it in my hand.
I can eat it in one sitting.

But then the oceans
would complain
puddling in the sand
unable to rush or roar
spilling salt into the milky way
irking the sun
who misses her mate.

So slow down; rest.
Don’t let your energy flag
or your joy deplete.

Don’t eat the moon

no matter how much she tempts you
flashing her face like a sugar cookie
her curving crescent teasing 
like a puckery slice
of juicy citrus.

Photo by Joyce Adams on Unsplash

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