Law of Gravity

This summer I’ve been re-reading one of my favorite spiritual books, Why People Don’t Heal And How They Can, written by medical intuitive Caroline Myss, back in 1997.  The book covers many topics, but the parts I relate to most strongly—as a cradle Catholic–are the parallels she draws between the seven Chakras and the seven Sacraments.  

I decided on this reading, that I would proceed slowly, giving myself a week or more to focus on each chakra.

The first chakra is called the root, and its intent is to ground us, to create a deep connection between us and physical life.  Of course connection may become tenuous when we are physically ill, but during this pandemic and lock-down, even those of us who remained physically healthy, may have felt unmoored.  Separated from people, places, and activities we love, we may have found ourselves languishing, unmotivated, bored, even depressed.  Hence my re-reading of this book!  

Then I remembered this poem.

I wrote this poem decades ago.  I don’t think I’ve ever shared it with anyone because even in my younger days I felt it was a bit too precious.  But it reminds me of times in the past when I’ve been in a natural setting, at the ocean or in a forest, and I’ve felt a great welling of emotion, a joyful energy, and I just had to say out loud, “I love this planet.”  That’s what I’m saying here—even if we could, even if we had the ability to just float away, we would choose to stay here on Earth, simply because we want to. 

Okay, that’s all.  Now please, endure this little poem.  Thank you.

Before The Law of Gravity Was Passed

Stars floated above the outstretched limbs of a reclining planet
like the downy fluff of dandelions bouncing in a warm breeze.
Clouds rested on the white foreheads of mountain peaks
misty tiaras sparkling in sunlight.
Tiny blades of grass linked arms beneath the soil
before daring to lift their faces to the wind
and even without the weight of stones
weighing us down
like sorrow in our pockets
we stayed on the Earth
because we wanted to. 

I pray and affirm that our Mother Earth will give us the energy we need to ground and heal ourselves, so we might have the strength and wisdom to do what needs to be done to heal her.  Pray for the Earth.  Pray for our Home.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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