My Elusive Feet

Elusive feet
stretching away
from the rest of my body
you are a mysterious duo.
like two turtles
you spread your toes 
wide and flat
refusing to conform 
to narrow confines
of stylish pumps
and spiked heels.
You are stubborn rebels;
I cannot trust you.
Perched on the edge of a cliff
or the top rung of a ladder
you send fearful tremors
up my ankles and shins.
I long for the trunk of a tree
to wrap my arms around.
You thrust my shoulders unprotected
Into the open sky
and for a moment
I hate you.
Are you angry too?—
bouncing like rubber erasers
determined to leave no mark
no emotion
on your tough soles?
Or do you long to run bare
over dirt roads
the sharp stab of loose pebbles
leaving you tender and vulnerable?
Most days you are lost 
In the darkness under my desk.
Would you rather float,
heavy Sea Turtles,
through clear tangy surf?
Would you rather fly
like a Gull in the air? 

Photo by Rune Enstad at Unsplashed

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