My Insomnia Gossips About Me Behind My Back

To finish off our National Poetry Month celebration, I offer a more recent creation of mine. Thanks for reading!

I made that girl,
but is she grateful?
True, I drove her
to the edge 
of consciousness
dumped her
on a shore
peopled with past
failures and traumas,
to the lip of a river
that flows
from her gut to her throat.
But see—
the water there is beautiful
crowded with luminescent trout
their scales speckled
with amber and rose.
Beyond that is the dark wood
that grows thick
behind her eyes
where she can wait
and watch
for the red foxes
to emerge
from shadowy hutches
beneath cottonwood trees.
Their fur is thick
their noses are keen.
If she follows them
They will protect her.

Photo by Carl Newton on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “My Insomnia Gossips About Me Behind My Back

  1. Nancy, what a touching and poignant poem. You have outdone yourself again. I would say that I am amazed that you created such a beautiful piece, but I am not, I almost expect your writing to outstanding.

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