Another classic poem of mine for National Poetry Month.

She rises through silt and sand
seeps through cracks
in asphalt
to suckle fox tails
and dandelions
sprouting wild
on levee roads.
Her power
courses through me
like moon 
pulling water
to sea
rushing by pear orchards
carving jagged leaf veins
in my belly and breasts
Release me, I cry;
Dive deeper, she beckons.
Still the bota bag
swells and splits.
Still the earthen jar
cracks and leaks.
in twilight
vapors will rise
from shower spray
and tea kettle.
Sultry apparitions
will glisten
in your braids 
in the wrinkles
of your terry robe.
Shake loose your hair. 
Drop the garment 
from your shoulders.
Let the moisture
sink into your skin.
Tonight the moon is full.
   Photo by Jeffrey Eisen

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