Happy Thanksgiving Week!

If you and your loved ones are safe and healthy this year, then you have reason to be thankful.  Please do all you can to stay that way!

The safest thing to do this holiday season is to celebrate with your own household members, and greet the rest of your family and friends via phone call or zoom.  But if you plan to venture out to a gathering, here’s a cool little graphic in English from a Spanish publication that Betsy Brown, MD, shared in her daily newsletter “Update from an Epidemic.”  


The advice in a nutshell:  

1. stay masked, 

2. practice ‘safe six,’ (i.e. stay six feet apart) 

3. keep your visit brief (no more than two hours), and 

4. if you can’t gather outside, open a window to improve ventilation (just put on a sweater, it’ll be okay!)

Please be careful so you’re still here for next year’s gatherings!  

We are safe.  We are valued.  We are all beloved family of the Universe.   

Photo by Element 5 Digital 

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