Velvet Dress

Hi, there!!  In case you haven’t heard, April is National Poetry Month, so all month I’ve been posting original poems.  Times being what they are, I’ve wanted to post poems that are fun and/or funny!  This week’s offering fits both categories well.  Enjoy!


The music is salty

like dry roasted peanuts.

I come downstairs

wearing my Aunt Ruth’s

purple velvet dress.

He smells like jazz piano

his mouth tastes blue.

I twirl before the mirror

remembering how

I used to stuff

this beaded bodice

with scarves;

now I fill it out myself.

Geez–I look good,

I say in amazement,

running my spicy hands

over my waist and hips.

He laughs.

He likes me bold as black coffee:

I will keep him awake

all night.


Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash.


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