A journal entry from a few years back:

Hanging in the sunny back yard with Angelcat this AM, I spotted what could be a large bird in the redwood tree across the street.  I went inside to get my binoculars, expecting to be disappointed.  Sometimes it’s a bird; sometimes it’s a hanging branch that’s been knocked loose in a storm.  But oh, this morning it was a hawk—a red tail I soon discovered when it turned to preen.

I had other things to do!  But I wanted to see it fly.  I wanted it to be as impatient as I was to get on with its day.  I thought about getting my camera, my notebook, a more comfortable chair, but I didn’t want to risk missing anything.  I berated myself for not being satisfied with the experience itself.  I wondered if this is what heaven is like—you know—they tell you you’ll be happy just being in the presence of the Lord, but you worry you’ll get bored.

So I sat on an uncomfortable wooden bench and waited for 30 to 40 minutes.  Then a second hawk called out from the direction of the river levee and the first one took flight.  I was rewarded for my stillness (I won’t credit myself with patience) as the hawks glided in curving figure 8’s around each other for a few minutes.  My friend from the tree even circled directly over my head a few times.  Spectacular!  What a great planet this is!

One thought on “Stillness

  1. How utterly wonderful! Next time you will be better prepared and more patient because you will want this experience to be repeated.

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