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A bit of musing written with my Thursday night writing group.  Prompt:  no such thing as. . .

There’s no such thing as Easter Bunnies or Santa Clauses or Tooth Fairies, but apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary are as common as salt, and often considered boring in some circles.  Oh, Mary–again?  Why not St. Barbara or St. Monica?  We named two fine coastal resorts after those women, but do they ever show up to express a little gratitude?  No, they do not.  But Mary, Mary, Mary–always on duty–as mothers always are–never a break.  Yet we can’t imagine Mary laughing and saying, “My, my, no rest for the wicked!”  Nor would we ever say it to her.  It’s not that Mary has no sense of humor.  I’m guessing she has a great sense of adventure the way she keeps showing up on this planet when Lord knows (and when I say Lord knows, I mean THE Lord knows) that Mary doesn’t have to come here if she doesn’t want to.  She’s done her time and she’s got no karma to work off.  I’m thinking she must like it here–and nobody would like it here if she didn’t have a sense of humor.  She’s been to France and Portugal and Mexico and Yugoslavia.  But here in America she generally just shows up on pieces of burnt toast or inside plaster statues so she can have a good cry.  Most men don’t understand this, how we women like to have a good cathartic cry once in a while.  But we get it, yes, we do.

So Mary, in her purity and authenticity, with her recognition that sin is just a silly word, she comes on down once in a while for a laugh and a cry.  Makes sense to me.

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