The Sun Speaks

I wrote this with a prompt that urged me to speak with the Sun. That reminded me of Frank O’Hara’s “Talking to the Sun on Fire Island.” I think O’Hara’s sun was a bit more cordial than mine was; I’ll need to work on my relationship with our resident star. But for today, this is what the Sun told me.

The Sun Speaks
How the hell you Humans
got to be in charge 
on this planet
is beyond me.
You are so small,
so frail, as vulnerable
as an earthworm
that’s had the gall
to crawl out of the dirt.
Your epidermis is soft, 
wrinkly and prone to burn.
Don’t blame me!
Why didn’t you defer
to a larger species?
Elephants, for example,
or Whales?
Maybe someone
who had the good sense
to grow feathers
or fur?
But no!  You had to be Boss!
You had to take over
the planet, building
mud huts, igloos,
rough dwellings out of wood,
reeds, rock, and brick,
constructing machines, chimneys,
transport conveyances
all spewing smoke
and ash, turning
your air into a grayish
brown, cloudy mess.
Did you think that would help?
Did you think this smog
would filter out my rays
and protect you from my heat?
How foolish.

It is not my intention
to hurt you,
but it is my nature
to shine, lighting
up the dark corners
where secrets go
to fester and weep.
You cannot hide from me.
I listen to your songs.
I hear your stories.
You have such beautiful dreams.
I am happy for you.
I am rooting for you.
Don’t be afraid. 

Photo by Rampal Singh at Unsplash

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