The last day I spent with my friend and spiritual guide Craig before his sudden death, he said to me, “Nancy, you need to rely on your intuition more.”

I was surprised by this. It seemed to be an out-of-the-blue comment, made during a lull in the conversation while I was driving him home. Besides, Craig knew full well that nearly every major decision I’ve ever made was prompted by intuition.

“I do rely on my intuition,” I said a bit defensively.

“Even more,” he said. “You need to rely on it even more.”

In the year since he’s been gone, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what he meant by this. Yes, thinking. About intuition. Probably not what he had in mind.

You can’t force yourself into intuitive leaps through effort or rational thinking. It just doesn’t work. What you can do is cultivate conditions in your life that will be conducive to the flourishing of intuition. Then you wait. It takes patience, faith, and an attitude of joyful expectation. It takes living an Advent kind of life.

I had an intuitive flash last January to take a sabbatical from my blog and a lot of internet stuff so I could focus on revising my trilogy of novels. In 2015 I plan to spend more time here again. In the meantime, have a blessed Advent. Take the time to enjoy family and friends—and yourself.

And please check out my blog’s new novel page. It’s freshly pressed!

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