Let’s Draft Oprah, Part 2

Remember when the current Republican President was first running?  Pundits laughed, they shook their heads, they refused to discuss his candidacy seriously.  But his supporters kept pointing out  two things:

First, they’d say that Trump was a successful business mogul. Whether or not this is true is still in dispute, but this argument was made back then and his supporters are sticking with it.

What’s not in dispute is that Oprah Winfrey is the head of a huge media empire, certainly as big and impressive as the Republican President’s holdings.  So she is at least his match in this respect.

When Mr. Trumps’ lack of governmental experience was held up against him, the second  response was that this was not a concern because successful business people are skilled at delegating. I’m not going to discuss how well or poorly Mr. Trump has done with delegating, but certainly Oprah would do just as well if not better.

Oprah has always surrounded herself with the best and the brightest.  I would argue that the Republican President has not done the same, but that’s for another day.  Suffice to say that Oprah is a strong woman who is not threatened by the best and the brightest, so she seeks them out.  I don’t think we need to worry that she will appoint delivery drivers and cabana boys to fill high level confidential assistant positions at federal agencies.

Despite what his supporters say, we all know that the Republican President was not elected because he was a successful businessman who had excellent delegation skills.  He was elected because he appealed to the baser side of our natures, our fears and our prejudices.  His hardcore supporters like him because he hates the same people they hate, and he’s promised to deport them, jail them, send them back to the kitchen barefoot, or scare them back into the closet.

But Oprah appeals to the better side of our nature.  She promotes self-esteem, healthy eating and exercise, emotional honest, and “living your best life.”  People love her for this.  Oprah is like a modern day saint or even a goddess–a goddess of abundance, healing and unity.

Oprah is the antithesis of Donald Trump.  An Oprah Winfrey Presidency is what we need.

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